You do not have to be a member of OSA to take a workshop. Please consider joining by calling 503-228-0706.

Multiple-Day Workshops:  




 David Lobenberg: "California Vibe - Portraits in Watercolor"
Friday - Sunday, June 23-25, 2017 
$395.  Full payment required at the time of registration.  |  click to watch video


David Lobenberg’s high level of excellence in figurative/ landscape watercolor and acrylic painting is well recognized by artists and collectors nationwide. David Lobenberg is a teacher and fine artist specializing and exhibiting in the mediums of watercolor and acrylic. His works and techniques have been published in the following national and international periodicals: The Art Of Watercolour, Southwest Art, Artist’s Magazine, Art Collector, Plein Air Magazine, The Palette Magazine, and Pratique De Arts. His works have been exhibited in the United States,  France, Southeast Asia, and Turkey. David has been teaching art workshops for over thirty years in California and out-of-state. His teaching style can be summed up with the following words: exuberant, fun, engaging, and encouraging.


Ruth Armitage: Oil & Cold Wax - Mixed Media 
Friday June 30 - July 2, 2017
$195 Limit 20
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Revel in texture and color in this workshop exploring the properties of Cold Wax Medium. If you’ve been hesitant to get into oil painting because of the slow drying time, this class will teach you a different tune. No fuss cleanup, little odor and layering magic will seduce participants.

Join Ruth Armitage for a workshop inspired by nature, but leaning toward the abstract using cold wax medium along with oil paints. Learn how to create your own medium, layer opaque and transparent pigments, incise, build up and more.

Participants will work on multiple wood panels over the course of the workshop, culminating in several finished pieces. Techniques will include different types of paint application, reductive and layering techniques, mark making, shape, color and texture galore.  Pre-planning and intuition will work hand-in-hand to lead artists to creative compositions. 


Lian Quan Zhen:  "N.W. Landscapes and Under the Sea Glass Watercolor"
Wednesday - Saturday July 26 - 29, 2017

Lian Quan Zhen is a popular watercolor and Chinese painting artist and teacher in the US and abroad. Lian started sketching and painting in his childhood and continued his art as a hobby while he practiced medicine as a family physician in Canton Province, China. After immigrating to the US in 1985, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of California at Berkeley in 1992 and a Master of Architecture Degree from MIT in 1996.


Jane Aukshunas: "Experimenting with Oil Pastels using Surfaces and Materials"
August 12  - 13, 2017

This workshop focuses on the use of oil pastels combined with painting mediums such as acrylic and watercolor, and how they interact with various substrates and GOLDEN textures and paints.

Enjoy playing with the luscious texture and versatility of oil pastel. In this 2-day workshop, we will experiment with grounds and a variety of surfaces to change the way oil pastels behave, and use tools for different effects. We will look into how oil pastel works with media such as watercolor, colored pencils and acrylic paint, and explore responding to arbitrary marks to create imagery that evolves intuitively rather than intentionally. This class is about experimenting and having fun, and is suitable for both beginners and those more experienced.

Please bring some of your own ideas for subject matter; other ideas will also be supplied



Soon Y. Warren:"Vibrant Watercolor Painting"
Monday - Thursday September 11 - 14, 2017


Soon Y. Warren is a member of the National Watercolor Society, Southern Watercolor Artist, Texas Watercolor Society and the Society of Watercolor Artists. She paints and teaches at her studio, and gives demonstrations and workshops for artist


Mike Kowalski: "Oil & Acrylics"
September 2017


Jean Haines: "Watercolor"
October 12 -13, 2017 
October 16-17, 2017 
October 18-19, 2017 
Demo October 20, 2017 Open to the Public

Jean Haines SWA
Society for Women Artists 

International water-colorist Jean Haines SWA is well known for her passion for working in her favorite medium, watercolor. 
Having lived and traveled in many countries this popular artist has had the opportunity to develop her skills creating incredible paintings whilst under the influence of masters from many countries including Asia, the Middle East and Europe.
Jean is a member of the SWA, Society for Women Artists, and won the Anthony J Lester Award in 2009 during the SWA Annual Exhibition where her work was likened to Joseph Crawhalls from the famous Glasgow Boys. She regularly writes for art magazines and exhibits in a number of galleries.

Bev Jozwick: "Working With Hot Press and Watercolor"
Saturday - Sunday November 4-5 , 2017



Coastal Color and Light in Oils and Acrylics with Eric Jacobson
Friday - Sunday, November 17 - 19, 2017
9am - 4pm

Whether you are painting at the beach or using photo references from your latest trip to the shore, two dimensional design and composition will be your most important considerations in creating effective seascapes. This workshop will focus on strengthening your compositional strategies and creating movement in your painting. Through demonstrations, group discussions and one on one instruction, Eric will share insights on how to develop a strong design, focal point (area of dominance) as well as secondary centers of interest to keep the viewers eyes moving around a painting. This workshop is open to oil and acrylic painters of all levels. We will be working from photos so please bring your own photo references. Come join Eric for a fun and informative workshop experience!

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