Regularly scheduled Thursday daytime and evening demonstrations are free and open to the public!





Thursday, March 1, 7:00pm

Greg Lewis
"Drawing Tricks and Tips 2.0”

Join us for this second installment. Greg will be presenting a demo sampling of his drawing tricks and techniques gained over four decades of professional art and design practice. Whether your art concepts are simple or complex, Greg will share basic  drawing methods that will help make your art both timesaving and fun. Bring your own drawing tools and supplies like pencils, charcoal, pastels, eraser, etc., as Greg will provide drawing paper.

Doors open at 6pm with and informal critique session at 6:30pm. The demonstration starts at 7:00


Thursday, March 8, 11am

Michael Orwick
"Studio Everywhere”

Michael Orwick and his wife Gabriela and daughter Elena will give a slideshow and about traveling the world with your family and making art. Michael calls it “Studio Everywhere” and have successfully traveled to many nations exploring and experiencing various cultures as a family through their artwork. In this way, they have made friends allover the world!

Studio Everywhere is about connecting with the experience of place; making new friends by creating together. It’s about sharing through the medium of art. Michael, Gabriela and Elena will take us on a journey to different lands and into different  communities where they make art with children. They will explore the “how-to”s of planning to the excitement of big trip itself. Bring your questions and be inspired to travel and create with family and friends. Even as a traveling artist flying solo it’s sure to inspire.
Michael Orwick is a father and painter in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. He instructs at Oregon Society of Artist

Doors open at 10am. The demonstration starts at 11:00



Thursday, March 15, 6:30 - 8:30pm

Greg Lewis
"Architecture as Art: From Antoni Gaudi to Frank Gehry, Santiago Calatrava & Herzog de Meuron including artists that collaborate

from L to R: Buildings by Herzog de Meuron, Frank Gehry, Antonio Gaudi and Santiago Calatrava. Photo images are copyright and are used for educational pfrurposes only.

Building on the grand architecture of the past, we'll explore the modern architect's inspiration, skill and determination to create lasting works that shape our urban cities and beyond. Also highlighted, is the artist who collaborates their talent to create art and decor into ​spaces of beauty.




Thursday, April 5, 7:00pm
Doors open with informal critique session at 6:30pm, Demo at 7pm

Kathryn Delany
"Create Art Using an iPad - a New Art Medium”

Join artist Kathryn Delany and explore how traditional art media translates to a digital world. Kathryn has focused on creating art primarily using an iPad for the past 8 years. Kathryn will take you on a journey of how she develops and creates one of her figurative Goddess pieces, from creating a drawing, making an interesting digital paper-collage background and incorporating everything into a final composition.

A self-taught artist, Kathryn has drawn and painted all her life.  Like most artists, Kathryn has worked in a variety of media, including colored pencils, pen and inks, soft pastel, acrylics and mixed media. Now all of that experience has coalesced into digital media. Her most recent works are figurative in nature, offering some whimsy, some fantasies, some stories and a lot personality.

Kathryn invites you to bring your own iPad or tablet and follow along.  If you are curious as to which apps she uses here, are her top favorites: Procreate, ArtSet Pro, Paper by 53, Art Rage, iColorama, RePix, Eraser, Finngr. Most of these are paid apps, and it is not necessary to have them to learn about digital painting on an iPad.



Thursday, April 12, 11am
Doors open at 10am, Demo at 11am, Lunch at 12:10pm

Jolyn Fry
"Still Life with Flowers”

Jolyn will set up a still life with live flowers. She begins by creating an underpainting using a mixture of water, burnt umber and ultramarine blue, pre-paints her surface with a warm color and fills in her contoured underpainting with her premixed color palette. Jolyn’s work depicts literal physical landscapes or abstractions of a more personal nature. Her paintings gleam like gems!

Anyone interested in painting from life using oil or acrylics to create a vibrant still life. will enjoy this demo. Her expressive naturescapes capture the spirit of the setting, and her brush strokes are assertive yet soft, creating work that is refreshing and welcoming.

Jolyn Fry graduated from the Pennsylvania School of Art and Design in 1996. She has exhibited her continually evolving body of work in many group and solo shows. Jolyn currently paints and leads regular workshops at Radius Studios in Portland.

Find her on Instagram @jolynfry and



Thursday, April 19, 6:30 - 8:30pm

Greg Lewis
"Henri Matisse - Master of LIght and Color”

Back by popular request is French artist, Henri Matisse (1869-1954). A modern art master of light, color and form. Expanding into a wide range of art mediums as painter, sculptor and print maker, Henri left his artistic mark on the art world for decades to come. Bring a friend for an evening with Henri Matisse, as the Art Without Passports Series continues in its second season. See you there!